Fewer Entrepreneurs Because Of Student Debt?

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Fewer Entrepreneurs Because Of Student Debt?

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It would only make sense that those in debt would have fewer options in life than someone without debt but this Wall Street Journal article (Study Sheds Light on Student Debt’s Challenge for Young Entrepreneurs ) backs the idea with some stats.

While “blogging” and posting your homework is a long way from operating your own business or being an entrepreneur it does introduce the student to some aspects of operating a business. We are introducing a number of new paradigms for business modelling such as, for example, what exactly is money? From that intro, we ask students to “invest” their as-yet unused intellectual property as “venture capital” in this web startup. These are very basic concepts and we are leaving no stone unturned when we look at traditional business models and ask if they are relevant for today.

The article states that “The share of people under 30 who own private businesses has fallen to a 24-year low”. Education is supposed to be empowering, not enslaving. Having to squash one’s dreams of running your own company because of student debt should raise a red flag to anyone in school with even the smallest of those aspirations. Perhaps getting involved in this new co-operative advertising model we are presenting here might mean the difference between a corporate cubicle and freedom for our student bloggers.

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